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A nonprofit dedicated to supporting the Toledo community and beyond.












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Introducing Leila Harris

Leila Nazarene Harris is a nine year old change maker. When she was six years old she asked her parents to give to those in need at Christmas rather than to buy her gifts. All her life Leila has been concerned with impacting her world positively.

That’s how Leila and her mother came up with Leila’s Promise.

Leila’s Promise is an organization that empowers young people to be involved in the changes they wish to see in their world.




Leila’s Promise is dedicated to creating a platform in which the voices of the youth are heard in matters that impact their future. It gives them the opportunity to be part of a movement where youth voices in service promote social equity for all young people.

Leila’s Promise believes that kindness in action and through service is how we will get that bright future we all deserve.



Project Promise

Project Promise is a pledge to be a good citizen and always try to impact your family and community in positive ways. Project Promise is kindness through community service.




We Are In This Together

Leila’s Promise is dedicated to impacting the world in a positive way and we can’t do alone. That’s why we have committed to collaborating with others who share our vision of kindness through service. It is our mission to create a worldwide movement that encourages brands and individuals to work together towards a common purpose. We believe that collaboration from a place of goodwill will always foster amazing results. Below are some of our amazing collabs.



Featured Partnerships